Tuesday, September 15, 2009

reduce, reuse, reorganize!

In the same way that music has been in my head of late, so has this phrase (although recycle is generally the third "r"). Consequently it led to today's post, which in some ways is about reducing and reusing (or at least setting up to be used).

Remember that carload of upholstery sample fabrics (here's a visual reminder if you don't)? I gave about half of it to our local senior citizen center, and the rest got carted into the house and piled up somewhere out of the way until I had a chance to deal with it (translation: find a place to store it!).

In one of my productive energy bursts last month I finally got around to tackling the stacks of fabric, going through each piece to fold and sort it according to its size and relative bulk. There ended up being three piles of like sizes once folded. Part of the impetus for this was the desire to move the fabric into the closet in my office, as well as get it off the floor of the guest room. The closet gets revamped pretty regularly as I reconsider what things I want readily available, and assess what things I actually need to access. There was, at last, space in the closet for fabric.

Once the upholstery fabric was in place on the shelf I realized there was still plenty of room for more fabric, so I began the process of relocating stashes of quilting fabric from the guest room closet that had been the fabric storehouse up to this point. It would, after all, be nice for guests to use the closet! It's amazing how much I was able to fit onto the office closet shelf. Unfortunately I will need to take all of that out again when I get some additional shelves for the conglomerate of storage. We're waiting on funds for that, but when that happens I will be doing one big happy dance! It is my goal to have all my fabric in this closet, sorted and organized for easy access, and thus more likely to get used!

Stay tuned. This work in progress is moving forward, even if it is at a snail's pace.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE seeing newly folded fabric displayed in stacks of cotton beauty. Ahhhh, so nice!

Jayne said...

Doesn't it just feel sooooo good to get something like this accomplished? :c)

Mompriest said...

Not being a quilter myself I can merely appreciate the process of organizing...but it looks beautiful!


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