Friday, September 04, 2009

friday five: charging!

Sally at RevGals writes: This afternoon Tim and I are setting off to explore the countryside around our new home, I always find that walking in the fresh air away from phones and e-mails recharges me. But that is not the only thing that restores my soul, so do some people, books, pieces of music etc....
So I wonder what/ who gives you energy?
1. Is there a person who encourages and uplifts you, whose company you seek when you are feeling low?
My Mom! She is wonderful at affirming people, has great insights, and is just plain old good company.
2. How about a piece of music that either invigorates or relaxes you?
Celtic music absolute puts my soul at peace. If I need cheering or quieting, this music weaves its way into my being and works whatever magic is needed.
3. Which book of the Bible do you most readily turn to for refreshment and encouragement? Is there a particular story that brings you hope?
I don't know that I turn to scripture for refreshment or encouragement so much, but I do go to the psalms when I need to return my compass to God. I read them out loud, which never fails to move me to tears, and in those tears I find the Holy Spirit. I may not feel better, but I certainly feel better connected.
4. A bracing walk or a cosy fireside?

5. Are you feeling refreshed and restored at the moment or in need of recharging, write a prayer or a prayer request to finish this weeks Friday Five....
I'm fostering a litter of orphaned puppies for a couple of weeks, and at the moment I have one of them in my lap. I find that very relaxing! Caring for the pups takes up some time, but nurturing them and caring for them is a joyful thing for me, and restorative.


Mompriest said...

oooh - puppies! yes, relaxing ideed.

RevDrKate said...

Great fireside...almost makes me yearn for winter. Add a pup and it's really good!

angela said...

The puppies just make me smile. I have a strong mothering urge too. May you find their homes.

Mrs. M said...

Celtic music is a lovely thing. Do you know the NPR show, Thistle and Shamrock? It's wonderful.

Barbara B. said...

Hooray for moms! And for puppies! :)

imngrace said...

I can't decide if I want to be on the beach in your header or by the fire in the picture... today, I might choose the beach and the sound of the waves--with a puppy, of course!

DogBlogger said...

Oh, puppies... so glad you are able to care for them, and that it restores you.


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