Monday, September 28, 2009

the plague

After all the rain we've had we are reaping the unfortunate results: plagues of mosquitoes. Seriously. With a dog whose bladder control skills rank right down there with the amateurs I spend lots of time out in the yard. It takes about 15 seconds before I hear the first buzz in my ear, then see another move toward my eye, another land on my arm. And this is after I have dosed all exposed areas (including my ears) with bug spray. Every. Time. I. Go. Out. Did I mention that I go out a lot?

Now that the rain has stopped and we actually have a couple of days of sun to dry out the yard, it is my aim to train McKinlee (finally) to the invisible fence. The mosquitoes attack her, too, and I fret for her comfort while I watch an entire swarm descend upon her young, vulnerable body. But training is a must, and so we will persevere and endure.

Pray for us. And curse those dang mosquitoes.
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Jayne said...

I know what you mean. A nice evening down by the garden quickly becomes an effort in warding off the blood suckers. Makes you almost not want to go out at all. Sigh.


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