Tuesday, September 01, 2009

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Several months ago one of the "friday five" posts over on RevGals invited us to share favorite blogs. Thanks to that posting I discovered three blogs that I now visit daily (and one of those has since led me to another daily giggle, which I'll post below). One of them is Kim, fellow Episcopalian and sojourner in faith, and an awesome quilter. The exposure to her creations and to her world has revived from dormancy my own love for fabric and quilting.

I've never thought before about putting into words just why quilting is a soul-satisfying endeavor. I suspect that, in keeping with my personality, it is about possibilities as much as anything else. And color. And patterns. And beauty. Hmm, I guess that is a lot of it! And then of course there is the experience of seeing it come together from individual scraps, pieces or blocks into a cohesive whole. Something from my own hand. There is enormous satisfaction in the experience of it all.

It's a challenge to quilt in our present abode. With three dogs, one of them a seven-month old puppy that thinks anything within her reach is fair game for her chewing pleasure, the use of space on a floor is out of the question. My office is at capacity for utilization of space and in constant need of tidying or relocating items in order to accommodate others. But my need to put hand to fabric and hear the hum of the sewing machine drives me with some urgency to make do and get on with it! There are several time-sensitive projects to which I'd like to apply myself, so the motivation is there, and it is high. I will perservere and find a way!

In the meantime I am enjoying another renewed interest (I'm liking this theme of renewal): quotations (is that not a fabulous wave photograph on the cover of that book of sea quotes? you can practically hear that wave break on a shoreline of rocks!). I have been a passive collector of quotes for a while, but Trisha's arrival in my/our life and her love of quotes is giving that passivity a run for its money. Seeing quotes posted around her apartment, and again decorating her graduation party I was mindful of the iconic draw they have into other worlds, thoughts and feelings. Very artisan, and one reason I am such a fan of calligraphy.

So my gratitude today is rooted, not surprisingly, in the creative realm. (Note to self: are you paying attention?). Where is your gratitude today?

notes: the quilt in the photo is the wedding gift to my goddaughter from her parents, made by her mom (second from right in picture). Click on the image for a larger view.

For some good laughs, check out
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Jayne said...

Boy, "Q's" are hard ones, but you found some wonderful things to be grateful for in that realm! I too, love quotes. That quilt is just gorgeous! So glad you have put fabric back into your hands. :c)

Pam in Moncton said...

It's been a little while since I read your blog, just because of being away, and so on, but it I just saw your litter of puppies and played the beautiful song about God and Dog and it was perfect timing as we are about to lose our older dog, Nicky, the nicest and sweetest dog ever and at 13 a very old dog, but he seemed to be doing okay until he just suddenly became incurably ill with tumors and other problems. So the song really touched my heart and I thank you for it.

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