Friday, September 11, 2009

friday five: time for bed!

At RevGals today Sophia invites us to consider sleepwear. Hmmm..

1. What was your favorite sleeping attire as a child? And did you call them pjs, pajamas (to rhyme with llamas), pajamas (to sort of rhyme with bananas), jammies, or ???
Except for the occasional picture of me in pjs (or jammies), I don't have any recollection of what I wore to bed as a child. I suspect pajamas were bought by my mom, so it would be whatever she chose!

2. Favorite sleepwear put on your own little ones, or perhaps those you babysat? (Bonus points if you made it).
No little ones of my own, don't recall those of babysittees, but since my children have four legs, I couldn't resist this picture! (I do not dress my "children," however)

3. How about today-do you prefer nightgown, pajamas, undies, or au naturel?
I used to be a nightgown girl, but I've shifted to pajamas or nightshirts. I buy what appeals to me: like the nightshirt that reads: she who loves dogs (with assorted dogs decorating the shirt). I tend toward pjs most of the time because I can linger in them more easily (and take the dog out...)

4. Silky smooth or flannel-y cozy?
I've never been a silky girl, too much slithering for me. I prefer what is comfortable--soft flannels in the winter and soft cottons at other times.

5. Socks or bare feet?
Bare feet unless it's really cold, then socks for sure. Flannel sheets DO help in that department!

No stories to share in the sleepwear department, that's a fairly tame and sleepy part of my life. Ha!

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Jayne said...

I know it's crazy, but after I got the first set of Karen Neuberger PJ's, I was hooked. The quality of them is so wonderful, they are so very comfy, hold up like nobody's business, and most times, double as "lounge wear" so you can put them on comfortably anytime you are at home and ready to relax. :c)

angela said...

I agree with Jayne, those KN's get use all winter. And the ones i found didn't seem to shrink at first washing--I know what you mean about that. Ruins a lot of flannels. I want a tutorial on the pants you make.

Mompriest said...

I think I have KN nighgowns...lovely. Too hot here for flannel sheets or pj's - but in a cold climate - divine....

Purple said...

Loving the picture of the greyhounds...I am pretty "plain jane" with my attire.

Jan said...

What a great picture. I agree about fabrics to sleep in. I've never liked flannel sheets. Last summer my mother-in-law was so worried when we visited in WA State that I'd be cold there that she put flannel sheets on our bed, and it was way too HOT!

Janet M said...

That's a great picture - our dog would go crazy is I ever even thought of doing that to him.
Hugs to you!

Hope the cute puppies will be finding a home soon so you can get a break.


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