Saturday, January 16, 2010

a brush with bliss

Thanks to my friend Kim I've had a little pampering in the last couple of days. She posted a challenge on her blog, the prize of which is a collection of fabric that, in my eye, is to die for! How much more incentive do I need? Her challenge was to make a plan to pamper oneself (details on the blog). Hmm. I thought I could handle that!

After a little tumble in the yard the other day when McKinlee decided to take me for a, well, let's just say spin, I knew that certain muscle groups would be feeling the aches of that unexpected adventure. With a physical therapy appointment scheduled for the next morning I got on the phone and was able to wrangle an appointment with a massage therapist following the PT. Woohoo!

But not to stop there (that truly was a therapeutic massage), I determined to pamper myself yesterday with a pedicure. Ahhhhh, bliss. The salon features these fabulous massage chairs attached to the foot bath. No sooner was I in the chair to begin soaking my tootsies than I hit the remote control and let the chair begin its magic movements. I don't know quite how long the entire pedicure lasted (from first soak to dried polish), but I can tell you that most of Let's Make a Deal and the first ten minutes of Ellen were within my view from the chair. Did I mention bliss? I just closed my eyes for most of the duration of this experience and luxuriated. Oh, and they offer wine. Did I mention bliss?

Kim, how can I thank you?

PS. Another new feature in the latest Picasa that I discovered last night: you can customize the ratio of your collage instead of using preset sizes that were the previous defaults. LOVE IT!


Jayne said...

Nothing like beating the winter blahs than to get your tootsies fire engine red!!! Love it!

The Bug said...

What a great treat for yourself!

I've only ever had one pedicure before - my boss made me go with her one time LOL. I have pretty sensitive feet (tend to involuntarily kick people who touch them), but I really enjoyed that experience. The person who did my pedicure (pedicurist?) was impressed with how soft my feet were - I put lotion on them EVERY morning after my shower. I can't stand dry feet (or hands).

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