Thursday, January 21, 2010

no post today

Blogger ate my post this morning. It wasn't a fluff piece like yesterday's, it was a heart-felt, open-the-soul-post, like journaling. Its disappearance is a blow to me (for reasons that would be apparent if you could read it), and I don't think I can recreate it. Posts like that aren't meant to be recreated anyway. So no post today. Instead I'll simply wish you blessings.


KimQuiltz said...

I understand your frustration, Anne, I've been there, done that. It sucks. BUT, I sometimes wonder if there isn't some Guardian Angel of the Bloggers that watches over us and prevents us from overshare. *BG* Usually when I lose a post it is something I shouldn't have least not YET. If it isn't overshare, perhaps it is a post whose time has not yet come.

Love, peace and happy waves to your GA. :-P

Jan said...

So sorry. Somehow the heartfelt thoughts are somewhere out in the universe affecting us all, or so I like to imagine. said...

Ouch. Been there, done that. The lord works in mysterious ways indeed...

I remember -- back in the days of film -- shooting an entire roll of gorgeous fall pix in the hills of Vermont; one in particular, of shadows on the floor of a covered bridge. And when I went to unload the roll -- it wasn't there. I had never loaded in the film.

I still remember that covered bridge.

That which doesn't happen and that which fails often has more to teach us than anything that works.

Go figure.

My sympathies --

Jayne said...

I've not had a really great day either, and am feeling really raw and vulnerable as well, so my love and hugs to you.... we'll just sit on this one together. :c)

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