Saturday, January 09, 2010

drum roll, please!

Speaking of dreams, here's one that has come true!

You've been reading about me working to clean up my office. You've seen occasional pictures of progress along the way (stacks of fabric in the top of the closet, photos tucked into the corner cupboard...). Finally it's more than an effort--it's an accomplishment! Can you give me an "AMEN, sistah!"

Here's the view of the room from the door. Note all those clean and empty work surfaces!
And here's the long wall of scrap booking paper and accessories, fabric, and Pampered Chef materials.And finally, the desk area. The big thing up on top of the smaller shelf unit contains stamp pads and colored pens for rubber stamping.
And just so you can appreciate this accomplishment-- some before and after pictures. The before pictures were taken prior to a rearrangement of some furnishings that took place when the corner cupboard and counter top came to live here. There is no before picture of the desk area because it was so overflowing with clutter that I didn't want it documented as a source of embarrassment and shame!

The best part about this? A lot of the things that were cluttering up the space have either gone to the trash, been filed or put away, and the homeless items have found a home. I've got a bucket of scrap booking stuff hiding out in the guest room that still need attention, but that's it. And I think I know where those goodies are going to go.

I still have major plans for better use of the space in the closet, but until I can take care of that let's just say that this camper is better than happy. She's delirious with joy!

Sing with me now, "Heaven, I'm in heaven..." (okay, so the rest of the words to that song don't fit, but I don't really care!)


Jayne said...

WOW!! It's like looking at one of those TLC shows where people find a way to organize things! Impressive, my dear, very impressive and a HUGE accomplishment! Can you come do my laundry room? Tee hee hee!

Janet M said...

Anne that looks fantastic and I can really see how much work that took, a big congraluations to you. I hope this gives you a fantastic jump start in creating again. Love your room and your organizing skills.
It'a a really nice amount of space to use too.

Jan said...

WOW!! You worked really really hard. I need to do that, too, and I am so impressed with your persistence and organization. Good job!

The Bug said...

I'm feeling envy in my heart - truly! I really need to organize my room but I lack imagination. Hmm - I think I'll print out your after pictures as inspiration! Good job!

KimQuiltz said...

I want to live THERE!!!!! Holy cow, Girl, Uh.Maze.Ing.

Diane said...

very inspirational!

Kellee said...

Congratulations! I understand completely how overwhelming a task like this can've done a wonderful job and should be so proud of yourself! Enjoy your awesome room!

Jules said...

Fantastic my friend and a huge BRAVO to you. Enjoy your new space!

Genie said...

WOW, WOW and WOW! What a great job! How satisfying and a fabulous accomplishment. Now for playtime!!!

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