Monday, January 04, 2010

make dust covers, not war

I am working on making peace with my new printer. Seems like a good way to start the year. My old Epson was approaching six years of age when it sent me a message alerting me that its innards weren't working as they should and it was shutting down. Apparently the necessary surgery would have to take place at a specialized facility in one of three other states (the nearest to me). We all know that printers are cheaper to replace than to fix, and though I had been very happy with my printer the expense of fixing it was out of the question. Alas, so was replacing it. I went online to do a little research and pretty much concluded that the printer you see here would be my solution. It does what I need it to do (a main criteria of which is that paper loads from the back) and the price was right: $99 plus I had a $50 Best Buy GC to apply toward it.

This bright, shiny Epson now sits by my desk. It is a poor cousin to the one I gave up, which was a much better model. The cheap plastic parts of the new one fail to inspire confidence in its ability to perform consistently, and it is one LOUD sucker of a machine. Not to mention that it takes for-ev-er to communicate/translate the data from the computer and get on with printing. I will say this, however. Once it is in print mode it cranks those pages out pretty quickly, and I am happy with the print quality itself.

I noticed within the first few days of its settling into its new home that it was attracting dust and dog hair to its state of the art shiny self with aplomb. So I have decided, as part of my peace-making, and now that my sewing machine is set up and I have room to work in my freshly organized and tidy office, that I will make it a dust cover. Nothing fancy, just a simple cover to protect it from the ravages of living in this house where dust and dog hair rule supreme.

It's a gesture of good will. and I promise to stop cursing at it silently when it takes longer than I have patience to generate its first page when I hit print. There, I think I hear it purring already!


The Bug said...

Ah the battle with technology! Never-ending & prone to irreverant word usage. Good luck with your new printer! If the cover is pretty I'd like to see a picture of it please.

Mompriest said...

what a great idea...of course my printer is wireless and in the other room from my laptop - so it would be just my luck to hit print but forget to remove the dust cover and break it...sigh LOL

Jayne said...

I had a nice HP inkjet that I loved, and hubby talked me into getting a laser printer which was on sale at Office Depot. I despise it. I pretty much loathe it truthfully. The dang thing "cleans" itself seemingly constantly, and it's loud too. Grrrrr.... and I "donated" my old HP to a friend in need, so there's no going back. Lesson learned. When/if this puppy bites the dust, it's back to an HP inkjet for me. said...

OMG -- I still have the quilted dustcover I made for my typewriter some 40 years ago -- I should totally send it to you (except I don't think it's wide enough).

It took me months to adapt to my new printer (the last time I got one). I dread having to go through that again... Good luck!


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