Monday, January 25, 2010

put your right foot in

I remember a cartoon that appeared in the "welcome" issue of my college newspaper one fall. It read, "It's only the first day of classes, and I'm already a week behind."

Life feels like that these days. As I contemplate the things to be done it all seems manageable, with room to spare even! And then the reality of each day unfolds and I can't keep up. At least not how I'd like to.

Like right now. My hair isn't dry and I need to leave the house in five minutes. See?

Hoping your days are going more smoothly than mine.

1 comment:

Donna Henderson said...

Zero comments? Zero? I guess that tells you something: We're all stumbling around out here in our own chaos. Can't argue with ya, don't got time to agree, neither. So now you got yourself a comment, such as it is, written in the local vernacular, all the way from the top of Idaho's cast-iron panhandle.


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