Saturday, January 02, 2010

one the ninth day of Christmas

I woke up to snow! For the record it's not a hearty snow--it's more like a tease just to prove that it could if it really wanted to. No accumulation except in those few rare spots where the ground was actually cold enough to sustain the flakes. And when I say accumulation I mean fractions of an inch. You get the picture. But it's snow. Heart, be still!

Anyway, the most exciting thing about today is that I came into my office this morning to enjoy the efforts of a great deal of reorganizing and tidying yesterday. Juliet now has at least twice the square footage to find a place to lay her beautiful head, and as soon as I finish writing this one of the last obstacles taking up floor space will be removed and she'll have even more choices!

It is a great feeling to have open space to move and to work, and I'm particularly excited that the sewing work space is so much more accessible. I plan to get back to my tissue cozy project asap, and am eager to pass those lovelies on as part of sharing the love.

The office will soon be ready for a prime time photo shoot, and then I will post before and after shots so that you can appreciate with me the enormity of this accomplishment. And celebrate with me! But before then there's just a little more work to do. Today I plan to indulge in continuing that work. I have the luxury of not having to worry about a sermon for tomorrow--the bishop makes his annual visit--so my mind and my time are free to dabble in other things. It is a rare opportunity for a Saturday, kind of like playing hooky without any penalties.

And oh! I have a question. What do y'all do with the little things (objects) in your life that don't have an obvious place to be kept? The random glue stick, key chains, fabric swatches for matching paint, or paint chips for matching fabric... a bowl? a box? a drawer? and where do you keep the bowl or the box? (if it's in a drawer then I'm in trouble! maybe drawers are the next thing that I need to tackle!) I'm in search of a clever and creative solution to a pesky and persistent problem.

So that is the day ahead for me. What's on your plate today?
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Jayne said...

My "stuff" ends up in piles in the laundry! I have a whole box of stacked stuff from the kitchen in there, and have not missed anything in that box or touched it in weeks... what does that tell you? Sigh. I wish there were a place for everything, or at the least, I could decide to just toss things out instead of creating new!

The Bug said...

We tried to get rid of a lot of that stuff when we moved this summer, but I already have an accumulation again. I want to hear other people's answers - I need help in this area!

KimQuiltz said...

Sorry, can't help you cuz we use drawers. We even had the "candy drawer" when I was growing up. All my friends would come into the house and head right to the candy drawer *g*

Jules said... our house this is called the JUNK Drawer! and we each have a couple. Can't find it? Look in the JUNK Drawers.

Jan said...

Busy, busy! I have more than one junk drawer--and my main problem is piles of books. I cleaned today and washed clothes AND, of course, played with the new puppy.

Genie said...

I'm with you, Anne, and the others who use drawers, to my -- and the accumulation's -- detriment. BUT I recall seeing, and plan to do myself once we move, fabric swatches and scraps (for instance) hung in one of those wire mesh vegetable baskets. This way they're out of the way (read 'off the desk/table')but accessible -- and colorful. In addition to drawers I use shoe boxes, which I always intend to decorate somehow, manila envelopes, and several filing cabinets. I'm already making plans for a better organizing system after we move!

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