Wednesday, January 13, 2010

today's silly poll and post

During a break in yesterday's meeting I visited the women's bathroom. There were four stalls, including the one for disabled women. All were empty. I headed into the second one and that got me to thinking about something totally mindless and useless. How do people choose their stalls?

This is not a scientific inquiry, and whatever data gathered here will not be used for any purpose. I'm just idly curious. Assuming you have your choice of stalls when you use a public restroom that has, let's say, three or more stalls, do you typically: head for the closest one, go for the middle, use the disabled stall, avoid the disabled stall, check to see which is the cleanest, have no pattern whatsoever.

Just wondering.

PS: I know it's been interfering with the sleep of my readers, so let me just share that I have decided what I will be working on during the Friday Night Sew-In. No, I'm not going to tell you yet! I just thought you would sleep easier knowing that the decision has been made!


The Bug said...

Firstly, I make sure to not go into a stall next to someone if I can help it. Then I try to go somewhere in the middle of the row. If that doesn't work, then end of the row. Last resort, the one closest to the door.

Now, this is in random unknown bathrooms. Here at work I have "my" stall & it's the one closest to the door. I do not know why. But if someone is in the one next to it I'll go to a different one.

It's complicated!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

The one farthest from the door, unless it is filthy; then the next one. And preferrably with no neighbor. I'm not opposed to using the disabled one either; often that one is cleaner!

Jayne said...

I don't really have a preference, though I will back out of a dirty one, or one that has not be flushed. ICK.

KimQuiltz said...

The first stall because people assume it is the most used and the dirtiest, so they actually use the stall further down the line more.

I heard it on Oprah, so it must be true. ;-)

Mompriest said...

The one with toliet paper and a hook to hang my purse on. That, or the second one, or the handicap one. Usually in that order. And, I'm not afraid to flush a toliet if it has all the other things I need (TP and hook), assuming it isn't otherwise dirty and icky.

Donna Henderson said...

This is funny. Sometimes we just need to lighten up, don't we? I always go for the disabled stall because it is usually on the far end, this has more privacy. It is also usually the cleanest, since fewer women use it than the others. Most importantly, it's clearly the roomiest, so I can easily get everything done I need to do without struggling in a small space. (I HATE portable potties!) Perhaps, too, psychologically it also appeals to me because I have a rebellious streak that often prompts me to want to do the opposite of what I'm told. However, if a clearly disabled woman came in while I was using "her stall," I would be totally mortified and apologetic for making her wait when I came out. I'm really not a bad person! This should now be filed under "too much information" in your "Trivial B.S" folder! :>)

Mrs. M said...

Wait! I kinda know the answer to this! Remember Pop-Up Video on VH-1? They'd show videos, but there were little word bubbles with silly facts, AND, one of them, a song by Jewel, was filmed in a restroom. Their factfinder found that people are least likely to use the first stall, and thus the first stall is usually cleanest!

Pam in Moncton said...

I prefer the one next to a solid wall if I have to place anything on the floor like a large package or purse. That way I can place it by the wall instead of by the "gap" under the divider. That is assuming there is paper etc. Other than that I don't really care. Mostly I find they are pretty clean most places.

On another topic - I love your office clean up!

Jules said...

Looks like Pam and I will be sharing stall #4...go ahead Pam, I know you need to go more than I do! lol

Shar said...

Doesn't sound like any of the previous commenters are disabled. I am, even if it is not "obvious." I am unable to get up and down easily, if at all, without a handrail. For three years, my disability was obvious, because I had a cane. Nevertheless, I had to wait time after time in a public restroom because perfectly agile people decided that the handicapped stall was the "best" and so were they, apparently. I waited, sometimes to the point of tears because it was painful to stand and wait, while cigarettes were smoked and cell phone conversations took place. I rarely said anything, so I guess that's "my" fault. Just something to think about, please, the next time you make your selection of stall.


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