Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cleanup bonus

Prior to getting my office cleaned up I had been longing for a space to set aside as a focus for prayer. My friend Kim once referred to an "artist's altar" on her blog, and the idea of that seized my imagination in a big way. You can see in the "before" pictures that trying to identify a prospective location for my wee altar area appeared pretty much impossible. As I cleaned, however, I kept in mind my little prayer corner as a priority. And wouldn't you know, by the grace of the Spirit working through my being a space emerged. Best of all, it is within reach of my desk chair, which means I can light candles without having to get up! (I wasn't aiming for that at all, but I really like the proximity of this holy space to where I sit).

the set-up isn't ideal, but for the time being it works. A place for my Mary icon was most important, and the candle and candle mat was next (thanks, Kim!). The large, faux stone cross with tea light at its base was a gift a couple of years ago, and it had been on my desk hidden behind piles of things. I could hear it breathe a sigh of satisfaction as it was freed from the clutter and found a place to be honored. The smaller icon is a recent acquisition from my recent trip to Florida. There's a story behind that, which I'll save for another post. And finally there is the bronze-like cast of the risen Christ. I think that was from my Dad some years ago, but it may have come from my spiritual family at Immanuel House (Genie, do you remember?)

The transformation of my office space is having a positive effect on me beyond anything I could have anticipated. I feel lighter. I feel more connected to the essence of who I am (the creative person). The openness of the space creates a kind of tranquility that bathes me with its freshness while I am in here. And the prayer space makes it oh, so much easier to feel grounded, especially when it feels like life is hammering away at me or those I care about. I'm loving my new space. But best of all, it is loving me back.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, I like this.


Very nice.

Jayne said...

There is always a sense of peace and true serenity when you can breathe easier in a space. I am so very proud for you my friend.

Genie said...

What a beautiful little holy and sacred space, Anne! Just shows they don't need to be big, just spacious enough .... And this sanctifies all your creative space too :-).

I *think* the little Christ statue is from Immanuel House, but I can't swear to it. I've got a smaller version somewhere, which is what makes me think it came from us ... but my memory isn't the best in the world. If it isn't from IH, I wish it was!

KimQuiltz said...

Oh So Beautiful! (And I love that my candle mat is part of that beauty!!!)


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