Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is one of my favorite images from Melrose. It sums up the leisure that generally marks our time there, even when that time fills up with projects. We will have two days there this week. Not enough. Ordinarily we can set aside a week between Sundays to head off for a little R&R, but this fall, for one reason after another, there wasn't a week that didn't have an obligation within it. Two days is better than none.

Since I can't afford my subscription to the Times crossword puzzles anymore, one of the first things I will do is get my hands on the hard-copy Magazine section from Sunday's paper. Mom always gets the Sunday Times. Sometimes I do better working on the puzzle when I don't have access to anything more than a dictionary, much as I love Google as an accomplice in puzzling success. I don't think of Google as cheating, but as a tool for my learning.

I also expect long spells sitting on the porch looking out at the view. I really do wish you all could come be with us for a day to enjoy it. Pictures don't do it justice, and of course photographs don't capture the breeze that blows up the hill, or the birdsong that serenades that time on the porch. We'll overlook the lowgrade buzz of the carpenter bees.

Today is jammed with must-dos, not because we're leaving, but because the crush of the previous weeks has meant neglect everywhere in this house: laundry, vacuuming, dusting, my office (total disaster area), Pampered Chef tasks... It won't all get done, but I tried to get a start yesterday. I also need to put out a church-related fire. Sheesh, what is it with people who think they can just do what they want without regard to consequences?

Anyhoo, time to get cracking. The day is chugging along without me, and it's time to catch up. May yours be blessed.
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The Bug said...

Hope you're being very productive - unlike me I know it will make you happier :)

Jayne said...

Hope you all have a restorative time even if it is only for those two days! Be safe.


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