Sunday, October 03, 2010

a weekend of blessing

It was a gorgeous fall day yesterday, and we started it with some adorable four-legged critters! That's Lani and Emma here. We blessed Jake and Izzie, too. Low turnout, which was a shame, especially since we had such a good time!

After the blessing I headed over to Cumberland University for the homecoming tailgate event. We had fun there, too, and were so grateful for a beautiful day and a win for the Bulldogs! I headed home to give the dogs some relief, then back to Cumberland I went for the "Live on the Lawn" concert. In the shadow the building that served as backdrop to the bands it was pleasantly cool until a wind kicked up. Fortunately I had my trusty sweatshirt and all was well while I listened to some good music. Then all of a sudden I remembered that the bulletins for church weren't finished. I had offered to do them so that Yolande, our trusty bulletin printer, had company this weekend. Back to the church I went, finished the bulletin, put together a couple more gift baskets, then headed home.

We're dedicating our new garden and plantings this morning at church. It's chilly now, but by 10:30 it should be pleasant and comfortable to stroll the grounds and do our thing.

Need to feed the dogs and take care of them before heading off to church. Hope it's a glorious day for you wherever you are!

PS -- I've tried to leave comments on several blogs this morning and keep getting a service error (these were blogger blogs). After the sixth attempt I abandoned ship and came here to let you know. Will try to get back to you later!
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Carolina Linthead said...

Grrr...argh...service error. Have a great day, alter ego!

Mompriest said...

I hate blogger "errors" - it happens sometimes...randomly....

sounds like a nice weekend.

The Bug said...

Cute puppies! I've never been to a blessing of the animals. I should see if there's one in my area next year (my old rector used to do it - she even had a blessing of the "bikes" one year, for motorcycles!).

Blogger can be cantakerous, that's for sure!

Jules said...

Could you do some on line blessing for Goofy (the gray cat)...he went on Prozac two days ago for his outsideofthelitterbox phobia...and we can use all the help we can get! lol

Love ya,

Jayne said...

Blogger was wonky like that all weekend for me. Glad it turned out to be a gorgeous day for you my friend.


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