Thursday, October 14, 2010

just call me the bow queen

We are less than 35 hours away from setting up the church's booth at the local Oktoberfest, which runs this weekend. We're auctioning themed gift baskets, like we did last year. And let me just tell you, they are so dang fun-looking! Pictures to come.

Last night I tolerated the western channel by keeping myself occupied creating bows for the baskets. The stash of ribbon we had left from last year's crop has gone missing (it's somewhere, I just don't remember where). Fortunately ribbon is on sale at Joann's, but one spool per bow is still pricey. Our florist ordered some stuff bulk, but it didn't work at all, so here we were, back at the drawing board. There are 15 bows here, and another 15 need to be fashioned. I have my work cut out for me! The challenge will be to find more ribbon--I felt like I was buying out the store, yesterday, and there's a limit to the use of Christmas colors at a fall event. Anyway...

There are still two baskets that need to be assembled, one needs to have a couple of items reinforced for packing, one more needs a couple of items added to give it more appeal (it's a "whodunit collection" of mysteries--what would you add to a basket of books to make it more sell-able?) and a couple of others need to be wrapped. Very doable, maybe even this morning.

I've also got some pretzel rods to dip in chocolate and roll in stuff to package for sale. I've never made these, but it's supposed to be easy, and I have fallen in love with chocolate-covered pretzel rods. These will be for sale.

And THEN, thanks to my blogging and crafting buddy Jayne, who saw my appeal on facebook a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for a source for these stinkin' cute pails and found them while she was out in Utah at a girlfest and then shipped them to me, we'll also have adorable, candy-filled pails decorated with ribbon to sell. I love doing this stuff!

And since there is obviously so much still to do, I guess I better get cracking. Stay tuned for further updates (or not). Have a great Thursday!


The Bug said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Good luck finding the ribbon you need. Now I'm just going to meditate on the image of chocolate dipped pretzel rods - mmmm.

Jules said...

You are one busy gal, Ms Anne!

Jayne said...

You are just so crafty!! Love your bows!


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