Sunday, October 24, 2010

oh what a night!

We returned home from Melrose yesterday afternoon, fetched Rigel and Juliet from the kennel, then shifted gears for the evening event. Parishioners at another church in the diocese have for a number of years hosted an evening of ghoulish delight and entertainment for members of their church. The invitation was extended to us, and boy, did we give them a turnout!
The host family opens their farm, including the barn and an assortment of animals (including llamas, peacocks, cows and goats, to name a few), and transforms a portion of the property surrounding an old wooden cabin. Fires blazed in two areas where costumed children and adults roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and tiki lamps offered light when full darkness penetrated the grounds, which included an outhouse. And speaking of outhouses, one young trick-or-treater's costume was a "very scary outhouse," as she described it!
Music wafted through the air while party-ers filled up on roasted goodies, then tours were organized through the dark woods for young and old alike to meet up with costumed "treaters" who distributed candy. It was totally fun.
The attention to decorating detail was most impressive, and we learned that during the year the cabin and its surroundings are used for monthly gatherings for music and other festivities. 
Is that a family of ghosts crossing the covered bridge into the yard of terror and delight?
Most satisfying for us was the turnout of 17 children, the youngest of which was two months old! As they say, a good time was had by all!


The Bug said...

What fun!

Kip said...

It sounds great!
Can't you take the dogs to Melrose? I would think they'd love to run all over the property or would you be afraid they'd run away?

Jayne said...

How fun!!


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