Monday, October 18, 2010

one last look for a mosaic monday

A few more pictures from Oktoberfest, with a broader view of the experience. Click on the images for a closer look. I was a zombie even before the end of church yesterday, so I begged off my shift and stayed home to nap. Even with a mid-day nap I slept a full eight hours last night! I was one worn out puppy. It looks like we cleared $1000 on the baskets. My stinkin' cute pails were a non-seller. At $5 they seemed steep, I guess, but no one realizes that the pails themselves cost more than $2, the candy filling $1.50-2 each, and then add the ribbon and stickers. There was no money to make on these suckers, no matter how cute! Ken and I will buy some of them to give to a few folks: our physical therapists top the list!

This should conclude posts about Oktoberfest until next year. I'll warn you now, however, that our second annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction is around the corner, so no doubt I'll be posting about that here and there. Have a great Monday, and a greater week!

I am taking this week off, sort of. There are a handful of things that need to be done because they are time-sensitive, but then Wednesday afternoon we will head to Melrose for a very short break. We would have left this morning, except that Ken has a mandatory election training session for poll-workers Wednesday morning. We return Saturday for a Halloween activity for the kids at church.


The Bug said...

I'm sorry your pails didn't sell - I would buy one if I were there! I could eat all the candy & then repackage them for Christmas gifts :)

Have a nice time at Melrose - I'll bet it will be beautiful!

Jayne said...

I can't believe your pails didn't sell! Heck, you'd pay that for just the bag of candy, and they were so cute! Glad the baskets did well. Heck, $1000! Pretty darn good!!


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