Wednesday, October 20, 2010

before i go...

There are so many news items this morning that tempt comment: oh, the Delicious Offering of Christine O'Donnell on the First Amendment... but I will refrain. For now. There's something else I need to write about before it slips into permanent brain fog. I write this mostly for myself, understand, but sharing it with you has benefits.

I had a dream last night. In the dream the actions and sequences were clear and logical. When I woke and tried to recap them in consciousness the pieces began to break apart and became ambiguous.  I hate when that happens. What I remember, and need to remember, is this: I found purpose. I said to someone, "have you ever had an experience where everything in your life culminated in a single moment, and you knew what you were meant to do? I just had that experience. This is the ministry I am meant to do."  Two things. 1) the ministry in the dream was a pastoral one in a hospital/medical setting, but it wasn't a chaplain. Until I nearly flunked out of chemistry in high school, I always envisioned being a nurse. My cluelessness in regard to chemistry changed that. (How ironic, not too many years later, that the most serious relationship in my life was with a chemist! His brand of chemistry, however, dealt with fuel cells.) Some things don't change, and the draw to medical settings is one of them. 2) To my knowledge, there's no such "job" in the health care industry vis a vis what I was doing in the dream.

I don't really know what to do with the impact this dream is having on me. Pay attention and store it away is my present plan. There are more immediate fish to fry.

I've now got less than an hour before getting on the road, and there are still towels in the dryer and a handful of things to load into the car. I'll try to post from Melrose.

Y'all have fun!


Mompriest said...

powerful dream...maybe one day it will reveal itself to you more fully?

Jayne said...

I had vivid dreams last night too... figured it was the Shiraz? :c) Hope you all have a great trip down.


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