Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a doubly special day

Today has special meaning for this family. It is Veterans Day, and I am the proud wife of a veteran, as well as the mom of one. Coming from a family of pacifists (and I consider myself one) you might say that there was a bit of an adjustment for me coming into Ken's life! In addition to being on military bases not infrequently (retiree benefits, for one thing), much of Ken's outlook on life has been shaped by his years in the Army. Our worldviews are, at times, far apart. Increasingly, however, civilian life has nudged its way into shaping a more contemporary view of the world, and it has been interesting to watch some of the shifts in perspective that have taken place. While he is firm in his convictions, he is also one of the most open-minded people I know, and has a hunger to learn more about things he doesn't understand or about which he has no knowledge. As a result, those shifts do take place. Today, for instance, Ken will march in our local Veterans' Day parade with Veterans for Peace.
This day is also special because it is the second of the two anniversaries we celebrate. Our "legal" anniversary is in March, when we had a civil ceremony in our living room. But we celebrated our marriage with a traditional wedding on this day two years ago. Our plans to celebrate are still a little vague--at one point Ken was going to be getting on a bus to go to Ohio to help Junior move to Georgia, but a necessary appointment tomorrow morning has postponed that trip for a day. Regardless of what unfolds today, however, I am grateful for the occasion to focus on the man I married, and to honor all of who he is: veteran, spouse, and everything in between. I am a lucky woman, a lucky wife, and as a bonus I get to be a blessed mom. And in addition? There are always sales on my anniversary! You can't beat that.


karen said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY..Ann & Ken....enjoy being together, whatever you decide to do!!!!

Jayne said...

Holy cow, I can't believe it's been two years now! Happy, happy day to you both! XOXOXOXO

madcow said...

Happy anniversary from the absent bridesmaid!!
We call it Armistice Day here ... the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month and all that. There was a little parade on Sunday but our "biggie" is ANZAC day. Same sentiments of course.
Miss you. Love & hugs Clare


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