Monday, November 17, 2008


We don't usually watch 60 Minutes--it's not one of Ken's favorite shows--but last night we were watching the home team Tennessee Titans continue their unbeaten streak to 10-0 (!!!) and caught the ad that 60 minutes would be featuring Barack Obama and family (or at least Michelle). We tuned in.

Yes, I supported this candidate for president, so I am predisposed to align myself with his viewpoint and proposed policies, and to agree with what he has to say. What surprised me last night was the tears in my eyes that came from listening to how he spoke. He was so candid, so refreshing, appropriately self-effacing, and tactful! In the same way that he and Michelle acknowledged that his victory hasn't quite sunk in, I find myself in a state of unbelief that this is real--that someone this genuine, unpretensious, positive and yes, hopeful, will be our president in two months.

Sometimes it really does seem possible that some people are destined for the moments into which they are drawn. For a man of Obama's strengths and personality to be elected to lead this country at this particular time strikes me as just such a reality.

Hope is real. Just look at those Titans!


:Jayne said...

Both are amazing stories! Love em both!
Go Titans! (from a Packer fan, unless the Titans are playing my Packers!

Jayne said...

I know. Every time I see him speak, it seems surreal that we actually elected someone so articulate and intelligent. Someone, who I feel will always level with the people and who is determined to make the people FEEL a part of the process as it was meant to be. It is just such a breath of fresh air. I am so in love with him and his family.


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