Saturday, November 29, 2008

switching gears

With Thanksgiving behind us it's time to decorate for Christmas. After some thorough deliberation we have decided (close your ears, Mom) to get an artificial tree. The cost of live trees have become ridiculous, and much as I LOVE the smell of fresh pine in the house, my friend Debi reminded me that there is such a thing as scented candles to tickle the senses. The fake ones also don't have to be watered, and they don't shed. Plus, if we're gone for a stretch of time, the tree won't suffer in our absence. Not to mention that the most beautiful tree I've ever had (two years ago) had almost no scent!

We don't yet have our new tree, but that will likely be accomplished today. We do have wreaths for the front and other decorations for the inside of the house, and those will come from the attic today. In the meantime I have put out these cute little numbers that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. Love them! What's fun is that the tops have magnets in them to help secure them to the bottoms--give that genius some chocolate!
I have a PC show later this afternoon, and I am hoping that the sales from that will close the gap for the month so that I reach my goal of $3000. There's still time for anyone who wants to place an order to do so!!! Thanks to those of you who have already.
Hope it's a wonderful weekend for everyone.


Jayne said...

The weekend after T'giving is the gear shift for us too. We'll put up the tree today as well, though this year, there will be no gift giving in our family (except for a few for the boys of course).

We've made a conscious decision that we don't really "need" anything and besides money is tight and it's not what the season is about any way. Sort of takes all the pressure off really. :c)

I will be reading at the Christmas Eve service this year, which will be special as well. Blessings to you as you transition into this beautiful season.

Jules said...

Best of luck to you on your show. Your TG table was lovely. We took home only enough for sandwiches for us from the kid's who hosted TG for the second year in a row! Go kids!

We are pretty much ready for the holidays with a bit of shopping remaining. Love to you!


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