Saturday, November 15, 2008

a must read

Thanks to all of you who responded with ideas to yesterday's post. I really appreciate your input and ideas!

I am out of the habit of reading, much to my chagrin and disappointment. I did actually finish a book last summer (about which I posted!), and AM reading the book I write about today. Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is an unusual book for a novelist, but she is such a good storyteller that this venture into her family's year of eating local or homegrown food is surprisingly gripping. It also offers an insightful and probing analysis into the food industry that should concern us all.

Lest I put you off, however, consider what there is to learn. Asparagus! Who knew that one could write an entire chapter on asparagus and make it worth the read! I'm almost tempted to try some again under the right circumstances (those who know me well know that anything but a raw vegetable is not a good friend of mine. Except corn). Kingsolver's story about her family's choice to eat mostly locally grown food is eye-opening, inspiring and challenging. And it is so wonderfully written. Did I mention that? She is a fabulous author.

Ken and I talk about supporting our local growers, but we haven't yet become dedicated to that pursuit, something I think we will endeavor to practice when spring arrives. In the meantime there is this winter to spread the word, read the book, and encourage everyone we know to rethink how and what we eat. It is life-changing stuff.


Jayne said...

I would never touch asparagus or brussel sprouts as a younger person, but love them now, cooked just right. Course, the shock the next morning of the after effects can be disconcerting at times. (Yes, brussel sprouts make your pee have a peculiar!) The fresher the food, the better I am sure, and need to make an effort too to buy more locally grown things.

Jules said...

Great minds think alike...I wrote my blog today on one of our local Farmer's Markets.

Janet M said...

The book looks good and we try and eat more than our share of the vegs and fruit - but man can't not live remember without frozen french bread pizza and panini's.


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