Thursday, November 20, 2008

imagine the possibilities!

The results are in!

Fill these containers with:
Candies (m&m’s, gumdrops, tic-tacs, chicklits, sweet tarts, gumballs caramels, Hershey miniatures, you get the idea)
Food: almonds (of any description), peppercorns (I can sell you a grinder, too!), whole cloves, bay leaves, spices, oyster crackers (see recipe below!)…
Toys: a jacks set, marbles…
Hardware: picture-wire and hangers, nails, assorted screws, anything from Home Depot or your local hardware store…
Craft items: buttons, embroidery thread, lengths of ribbon, rubber stamps, all kinds of stuff that you can find at Michael’s, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby or your favorite local craft store
Office Supplies: paper clips, rubber bands, binder clips, push pins or thumbtacks,
Other: bird seed (that’s for you, Jayne T.!), pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters...


think BIGGER ITEMS for the batter bowls--fabulous for mixing chicken salad (or any of the "salads"), scrambling eggs, making oyster crackers (see recipe below!), preparing dry ingredients for baking, mixing cake batter, making fun cake shapes... the possibilities are endless! AND I have instructions on how to layer ingredients to give gift mixes for chili, brownies, cookies and pumpkin bread. GREAT gifts! The batter bowls also come with lids.

Prep Bowls: 6 in a set for $20, item # 1825
Small Batter Bowl: measures 4 cups for $11.50, item #2233
Classic Batter Bowl: measures 8 cups for $15, item #2230

Now that we’ve solved some of the trickier items on your gift list, click here to order by November 24 -- I’m offering half-price shipping for out of town orders (adjusted when I process the order)! You’ll also help me achieve sales goals for the month and the year! Refer all your friends, and Happy shopping!!


Put in bowl:
box of Sunshine oyster crackers (the best)
½ cup canola oil
1 package Ranch salad dressing mix (original)
1 tsp. Lemon rind powder
1 tsp. Dill weed

Heat together last four ingredients, stirring. Pour over crackers and mix well. Store in covered tin or other air-tight container.

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Jayne said...

Oh, you are SOOOOOOOO creative! I shall be placing my order! :c) XOXOXOXOXO


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