Sunday, November 09, 2008

When I was in college I took a photography course, and one of the assignments we received was to take a picture at 10 AM and 4 PM. Wherever we were, whatever we were doing, record the event.

I still have the pictures from that assignment. At 10:00 I was checking my mail (the old fashioned kind--you know, stamps, envelopes, handwritten letters?), so I have a picture of the front of my mailbox. Through the glass pane a few pieces of mail are visible. At 4:00 I was at softball practice. I was the team manager (I throw like a girl and can't bat to save my life, so there was no point in trying out to actually play the game). That picture is of the coach preparing to hit a ball to the infield during practice.

Some days it occurs to me to stop and shoot the picture of what I am doing. Sometimes those are the best ones to take, because they actually tell a more significant story about who I am and what my life is like than to pose or arrange a scene (not that those pictures aren't important too). The picture here is just such a picture. It was taken at Melrose on the front porch, but it captures a piece of my daily life--the crossword puzzle, and sudoku.

I really like this picture, and I think I may use it to return to another of my joys--scrapbooking. There are two groups I can join that crop on a regular basis, so the opportunity is open to me to return to those waters. It will also offer some incentive to inventory and organize all my scrapping supplies and paraphernalia (never mind use them!). Gee, I'm glad I posted this today--look where it took me!

And a PS to scrapping friends--I got a Pampered Chef order from Jenni Bowlin!


Jayne said...

You and my hubby. Every day, without fail, he does the sudoku and crossword puzzle. Wish my brain worked that way.

Great idea to snap the photos at certain times during the day!

Kip said...

I love the picture idea too. Cool about the order from JB!!


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