Saturday, November 08, 2008

suggestions, anyone?

I'm not sure there are enough readers of this blog to make it worth posting this, but I need some landscaping inspiration! Here's the challenge: there's a stretch of ground that runs alongside the house by the driveway that is in serious need of help. The problem? dogs. They love the dirt. Juliet digs in it to scratch out the just-below-the-surface coolness so she can lie in it. Rigel, for his part, loves to chew on the branches of the yews that are there and break them off and run around the yard showing off his prize.

We tried some of the small garden barriers that are innocuous to the eye and generally effective in suggesting to the dogs, "don't go there." That was until a few vehicles backing out of the driveway at various times battled with the fences and proved victorious. When Junior was here last spring he fashioned a rudimentary wooden barrier. It has also battled with autos but has proven a tougher warrior than its predecessor. Even so, battle scars are apparent. The whole scene is unsightly. And yes, it needs weeding badly!

So, we are very open to suggestions on what to do with this space that will be attractive for us humans, and less available to the dogs for their purposes (entertaining as Rigel may be when he romps). Ken keeps suggesting a picket fence, but the proportion and location are all wrong, not to mention that we then have no access to the area to maintain it.

Thoughts, anyone?


madcow said...

I say give in and pave that little stretch! Those dogs are not going to give up on this game any time soon - it's just too tempting - and like Ken says if you fence it you can't access it. I would get some pavers and cover it up, then buy either large pots or planters and have a raised garden. OOOH! Thats a thought! What about making it a raised bed? We call them "sleepers" here but you know, large half rounds of timber built in lenghthwise to make a long raised bed. Then fill it up with soil and perhaps plant shrubs that are not going to be too high (as you've already got height from the planters themselves)??? As a side note, quite a few of my friends use these raised beds for their vegetable gardens as they are a part of the garden needing more attention than most and the height means you're not straining to weed etc. Thats all I've aunty black thumb!! LOL

Jayne said...

I like the idea of using pavers too. You can either cover the entire area with flat ones and do the planters -or- just create an edging border with the taller pavers and put a heavy layer of mulch in there, and either put the planters on top of the mulch or around the yews, if you choose to keep them. :c)

:Jayne said...

I see big pots overflowing with flowers!


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