Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a new discovery in the blog world

I started this blog mostly to share photos and personal news with friends and family. That circle was fairly small then, and still is. But along the way I have become acquainted with other blogs, and have begun to expand my reading. Today a fairly new blog on my "must read" list, Telling Secrets (written by Elizabeth Kaeton, a priest in New Jersey) referred readers to another blog, called Margaret and Helen. OMG, what a find! Margaret and Helen are two older women who have been friends for more than 60 years. The banner photo is a treat: the two of them tooling around on what looks to be the deck of the USS Intrepid in scooter chairs. These women pull no punches, and tell it like it is. And they make me laugh. Lord, how they make me laugh. And what is truly amazing is that thousands of people read their blog, and hundreds leave comments (I consider it a banner day when I get two comments on this blog)! So my gift to my readers today is to send you to Margaret and Helen's blog. Enjoy!


Jayne said...

OK, now I have to go change my pants... I do think I tinkled from laughing so much. THANKS for the great link my friend. Lordy, but I love the blog world, and you too!! XOXOXO

Kip said...

I have that shirt you know, lol! And I will definitely check them out!!

Kip said...

Now you've done it! You've addicted me to another blog, omg!! I linked it on my blog and put your link in too!

:Jayne said...

Love them! That's what I strive to be, in about 30 years! How fun.
They are too funny.
Thanks for sharing!

karen said...

Thanks for that link.....I actually sent it to my friend of 40 yrs....And she also thanks you!!!!
What a Hoot they are...and so insightful!!


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