Monday, November 10, 2008

this one is for you, Maria!

Maybe it was the crisp November air, or the holiday decorations in the shop we visited yesterday afternoon during their "Open House," but I've been bit by the holiday spirit! I got a pair of cute little acrylic gift boxes that I'll post later. I've already filled them with Hershey's miniatures left over from Halloween, and now I'm beginning to look around the living room with an eye toward decorating for Christmas. Gotta find a place for my favorite decoration, this Shepherd Santa!

Some decorating will be done earlier than is typical for us, because I'll be having a Pampered Chef Holiday Party here the weekend before thanksgiving. I confess to feeling a little giddy about Christmas this year. It will be a lean one in terms of gifts and other indulgences because we simply don't have the money, but we've already got the decorations, and the wreaths for the front of the house are ready to go. With a different layout of furniture in the living room there are different opportunities for decorating, so things feel new. Plus, I love the Christmas season, and the feelings engendered by holiday doodads and activities. Now if only the weather would cooperate and stay cool!


Jules said...

Well, you know us...E is cleaning the floors now so he can get our tiny Christmas village (only covers about 5 feet x up by this weekend.

Since Kristen took over TG, we can put it up as early as we want and have that much longer to enjoy all the beauty of the holiday.

Love your Santa! and he has sheepies!

Jayne said...

Now that is a Santa worthy of a Shepherdess! :c) I love the season too and will have the decorations up by the 29th or 30th. Have to eat the turkey first! Love to you!


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