Saturday, November 01, 2008

that morning look

In a short while I will be heading to the church for a gathering of Epiphany's ECW--Episcopal Church Women. I was just on the phone with one of the members, and as we got ready to hang up she said, "I'll see you in a little while, looking like Saturday morning." "Me too," I assured her.

Thank goodness for the freedom to look like Saturday morning. I chalk it up to arriving at a certain age when we realize that there are more important things than looking our best for a church meeting (among many occasions), and spending the time that would go into primping doing things that serve our minds and bodies more productively. Perhaps a few more minutes with the morning paper, an extra lap around the block, or finally writing that email to the friend we meant to write to weeks, or even months ago.
Looking like Saturday morning feels like something to celebrate rather than dread, and as I put shoes on to head out the door I think I won't worry about looking in the mirror to be sure that my hair is in place, or and I won't worry about the fact that I haven't bothered with earrings. There are other days when those things might matter to me. Today is not one of them.


Kellee said...

At 3:45 this morning I decided it was okay to go to work "looking like Saturday morning!" I let the hair washing go to day 3 (long hair is a great thing sometimes!) but had to wash and blow dry my bangs (I have that down to an art form!). Seriously...going in to work to put a puffy hat on anyway, after already working 50+ hours this week gives me the liberty, I think!

I'm so glad to read your news! I hope that this new stint at Epiphany is a great one for you!


Jayne said...

Indeed, just one more reason I love not being a "youngster" any longer. :c)


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