Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The original title of today's post was "i'm so excited I could just plotz!" Today is one of the most momentous in our country's history, and certainly in my own life. I have been looking forward to being home and watching TV coverage all day, weeping through the swearing in, and enjoying the festivities from my carefully scoped out and personally claimed spot on the couch.

That was until Ken bent over to put his socks on and sent his back into terrible pain. My day has just been derailed. It has become all about Ken. I will be the dutiful wife and get him to the doctor, pick up prescriptions or whatever else might be necessary to help him feel better. I will Do The Right Thing. And I am very upset.

It's not Ken's fault that the timing of this episode coincides with Obama's inauguration. I'm not mad at him (though I am annoyed with his attitude). A little empathy would be nice. I've only been looking forward to this since November 4, and I will get over it. After all, there are many people who won't be able to watch today's events live, as they unfold. There will be highlights and replays throughout the day and this evening. I might be able to see some of the good parts live, but I'm bracing myself for disappointment.

Let's just say that I'm crushed. I won't be able to get this day back, and it means more to me than I have words to express. I will wear my "life is good" shirt with the red, white and blue design on it, and give thanks to God for the miracle of Barack Obama becoming our president. Y'all do know that the word Obama means "blessing," don't you?

Enjoy this day. It is a blessing and a miracle. We'll be going to the doctor and there are people without medical care. Our household is college-educated with one advanced degree and others lack adequate access to education. We have a roof over our heads and cable to watch historic events while others are homeless. I don't feel sorry for myself. Life is good. And today life will begin a journey toward better for a whole lot of people. Thank you, God. Thank you Barack and Michelle. And thank you Sasha and Malia for sharing your daddy with the rest of us.


Janet M said...

Sorry to hear that your going to be missing the events live, I know how excited you have been. I hope everything is OK with Ken and he appreciates all your good care.

:Jayne said...

I wish you could have seen it live. It was most awesome! I hope your hubby is better soon.

Jayne said...

Oh my... hope Ken's back is feeling better. It was indeed such a historic day. I grinned all day long just soaking in the sight of it all. :c)

Pam in Moncton said...

Anne - I'm sorry you missed the events. I did some grinning and crying all the way up here in Canada. Hope Ken's back is better soon.

Kip said...

Men!! I'm with you Anne and sorry your day was tarnished but do hope Ken gets better quickly as I do know how bad backs can be.


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