Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In spite of a mangled start, yesterday was awesome.

We were at the doctor's by 8:30, but didn't get shown to the inner sanctum for another hour. It was another 25 minutes before we saw the doctor. The good news is that after the exam the doctor believes this is a muscle problem. Solution: painkillers and suitable stretching exercises, and an x-ray to rule out anything more serious. We were in the car at 10:15 and I was thinking, "yes, we can do this. Swing by the drug store to get the prescriptions and get home in time for the swearing in at 11:00 (we're Central Time, remember). " Then Ken says, "let's go take care of the x-ray."

So there I sat in the outpatient waiting room at the hospital, where at least there was a TV! Ken emerged just before the swearing in, and knew better than to suggest that we leave at that point. I have to say that I was astounded by the lack of attention the event was receiving by others in the waiting area. As far as I could tell there were two or three others watching. When the crowd in Washington stood for Obama's swearaing in I stood too, and when he was "official," I alone applauded. I wanted to cheer, but felt conspicuous enough being the only one there who was demonstrating any concern for this historic event.

Anyway, I heard most of the speech in the car, and we got into the house in time to see the last two minutes on TV. I grabbed my special occasion chip and dip to celebrate, and settled in for the coverage. It was a glorious day in so many respects. The joy of so many people remains for me the standout impression, and little moments here and there kept me glued to the tube. I love this picture from the Commander-in-Chief Ball, with the olive branches surrounding the seal of the president. And the shot of Sasha giving her dad the thumbs up reminds us that in the midst of protocol and formality we remain ordinary human beings who appreciate the approval of our kids.

Now to get to work, all of us, to do what we can do restore health and prosperity to our families, our communities and our nation, and seek in the end to change the world.


Jayne said...

It truly was a monumental time in our history. I was off work and so glad I got to sit and witness it with tears in my eyes.

Jules said...

E and I were glued to the set from start to almost finish of the balls. It was an amazing day and he brings such hope for us as a nation!

Hope Ken is doing better and you get many kudos for being such a good wife!


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