Saturday, January 03, 2009

project 365

There is a rage in the scrapping world this week around something called "Project 365." The idea behind it is for the length of a year to take a picture each day and make journal notes for the day. At the end of the year one's life for that duration would be uniquely, and rather thoroughly, documented.

I have decided to give it a try, stealing the format of my friend Janet rather than purchase the ready-made album for the purpose (see above). Janet's version is done entirely by digital/word processing means. I don't have to print out pictures, I can crop and collage as I need, and lay out the journaling and pictures on the page just so, adjusting size, fonts, and so on to create what I want.

I have managed to journal the week, and for the most part I have pictures for each day. The latter is a bit of a challenge since my days are pretty routine, but perhaps that is good incentive to alter my routine and nudge it toward some different things. Who knows where the year will lead? At least at its conclusion I'll be able to track it each and every day.

Today? Gotta cook and clean for our Twelfth Night party tonight. Time to get on the stick, there's work to be done!

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Jayne said...

What a great project! Like you, I'd have to alter my "daily rut" in order to achieve it, but that may just be a blessing in disguise! Happy Twelfth Night!

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