Thursday, January 22, 2009

missing you

This has been a challenging week. At home we are the walking wounded: Ken with his back troubles, and me recovering from my inter costal muscle injury (ribcage). I have felt fatigued, and things that were on my to do list have not gotten done. My retention of details is hit or miss and can't be relied on. Ken is frustrated by his injury, not being able to work and thus not getting paid, and the stress begins to mount. If I were a bath person I would say "Calgon, take me away!"

But I'm not a bath person so other coping methods must be employed. Today I think I will try to get myself out of the house to take care of necessary and postponed errands. The house needs to be cleaned from the disarray caused by Christmas (and now, the absence of Christmas) and in anticipation of guests. This weekend is our diocesan convention and it looks to be rather boring. Time to resurrect a knitting project to keep myself from going stir-crazy during the next two days!

And so I come here to be in touch with another part of my world, the people who I wished lived closer. The ones I would love to meet for coffee, go to the beach with, hang out in their hot tub or simply laugh with. The ones I would walk with (in the snow! that means you, Gail), talk with, scrap with. The ones I love and love me back. I miss you all.

In the meantime I am reveling in Obama, and it feels good to feel good about something that is going right, even if it's baby steps at a time. Stars are aligning in the universe, God is answering prayers and hearts are singing the same song. As Julian of Norwich famously said, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."

Blessings to you all, with love.


Pam in Moncton said...

Miss you too Anne! I'm glad you got to see some of the Inauguration. Hope Ken is feeling better soon and will be "out of the house". Good luck with your cleaning and your conference.

karen said...

Big cyber hugs to you Anne...wish you were closer also....dinner accompanied by friends, laughs and a bit of wine.....right on the top of my list!!!

:Jayne said...

Wish I were close enough to at least bring you some soup or dinner. I hope you feel better soon and your conference isn't as boring as you may think. Have fun knitting!

Jayne said...

((((Anne)))) Wish we lived closer too. I have so much on my mental/emotional plate right now and miss having people like you around to meet for coffee.

Tell Ken that Joe Grow died on Monday. His and Joice's families are so spread out, the service won't be until the first of next week. He was almost 94. God rest his soul. :c)


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