Friday, January 23, 2009

hablamos espanol

I am happy to report that a ballot initiative to make Nashville an "english only" locale has failed. Small minds believe that what binds a community is its common language. I understand the frustration of trying to communicate with others whose english is heavily accented, but that personal frustration has no place in determining whether or not a member of our society in distress should be able to communicate with government or other officials in order to get information or express their needs. To me this is bigotry, plain and simple: "be like me, deal with it."

It's been a good week for celebrating citizenship.

In that vein, today our diocesan convention begins. We don't have anything particularly decisive on the agenda beyond the usual elections and budgetary decisions. In fact, contrary to the "noise" that tends to dominate the headlines about fractiousness in our Church, there are some really wonderful things taking place right here in our diocese. I'll try to share some of that soon. Still, I suspect it will be something of a long couple of days, so I've got a knitting project ready to go to keep me from getting utterly bored.

Off to take care of a few things before we head downtown. I may not have time to report in tomorrow, so I'm wishing you all a happy and blessed weekend.

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Jayne said...

I was glad to see that it failed as well. No point in passing laws of official language other than to make others feel excluded. Yay for Nashville! Have fun at the convention! Yooo hoooo!


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