Wednesday, January 07, 2009

on the fly!

I'm out the door in just a moment (an hour earlier than I had anticipated!) to head to Denver for a few days for Pampered Chef's Leadership Summit. I'm excited, but also in pain... a week ago I pulled/tore something while tending to puppies, which I now believe is connective tissue just inside my ribcage. Hurts like hell when I move certain ways, and oh, man, turning over in bed is the worst! Anyway, I will be sitting and walking in the next few days and not doing much else that is physical, fortunately.

So be good while I'm gone and I'll check back in Sunday afternoon sometime when I have a chance.

Ciao, bellas!


Jayne said...

Have fun!!!!! Hope the ribs heal well and soon. :c)

:Jayne said...

Ditto what Jayne said!


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