Sunday, May 07, 2006

another day, another failed election

After three attempts over three different electing days and 35 ballots, the collective wisdom of our diocese appears to manifest itself in the decision to call it a day. The slate will now be thrown out, a new nominating committee will be constituted, and we will start all over again. Interesting times lie ahead for us here! ... There wasn't much opportunity to accomplish much else after all of that yesterday. Dinner, walking the dogs, and sermon preparation before heading to bed. I think a nap is on the agenda this afternoon, and then, perhaps, some time to try to get caught up! I'm going to cross my fingers...

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samtzmom said...

Well, maybe it's God's way of seeing that reconciliation is the focus here, not a new Bishop? :c) Hate it's come to this, but growth happens many times only after much pain.

Hope your Sunday was lovely. Hugs to you and Ken.

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