Friday, May 12, 2006

talk about a breeze!

Talk about a breeze! The winds were so strong during the night that they woke me up, and for a while I wondered whether a tornado might be getting stirred up! Fortunately the worst thing to blow through was a cold front, so we woke up to 60 degrees in the house, and 50 outside! It’s a good thing Ken had chopped wood, because it was employed to build a fire!

Our sunset last night didn’t rank up there among the most spectacular we’d ever seen, but it’s hard to argue with any kind of sunset when you’re sitting on your front porch facing a wonderful view. A nice happy hour spread doesn’t hurt either!

It’s a gorgeous day out there today, and there are few plans, so I’m hoping to make a date with one of the books I brought. Ken and Mom have some errands to run, so I will hold the fort while they’re gone and enjoy some leisure. Hope it’s a delightful day for you all!


Ruth said...

love the pics Anne, that is one great fire. Could do with one here in the mornings at the moment, rolling into winter for me.

Jules said...

Morning darling Anne...your fire in the hearth could be made into a screen saver it is so lovely. Hoping you are getting a chance to relax and ya, Jules


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