Thursday, May 25, 2006

we're so excited!

The day didn’t start out so well—my morning swim got cancelled because thunderstorms with accompanying lightning meant evacuating the pool (indoor and outdoor pools share a common filtration system, so …). Bummer! I was so psyched to swim and keep up my 100% attendance rate!

But! We had an appointment in Nashville with a photographer late this morning to talk about doing our wedding celebration, and we’re very happy with how that went, what we’ve seen of her work, and so on. The success of that was followed by a fabulous lunch at the place where we met with the photographer, Bread and Company, which makes great soups (sorry I didn’t have my camera with me, because a picture of their food-case would make you drool).

While we were in town we decided to stop in at the Cathedral, where the ceremony will be held, to pick up some information, and that all went better than expected. We then seized the moment to pop next door to the Holiday Inn Express and see about reserving a block of rooms for our out of town guests (another option in addition to the hotel where the reception is being held), and THAT was a great visit. On to the Wildhorse Saloon, a Nashville and country music landmark, to see about having our rehearsal dinner there, and THAT exceeded our expectations!

So! We now have a photographer, two hotels with rooms blocked, and our rehearsal dinner site lined up, and we are thrilled with it all. If only we would win the lottery so we could pay for all this!! We still need to meet with a florist and get the cake squared away, but those things are less time sensitive than the above, so we’re feeling very pleased with what we’ve accomplished.

If you haven’t already marked your calendars, do so now, because it’s going to be a fun weekend!


Pam in Moncton said...

That all sounds like a successful day to me! You are making lots of progress on at least the wedding plans. And I see below you have the wine and glasses organized, so all the important things are taken care of (LOL!). Beem a long while since I caught up on the blogs!

Kip said...

wow, oh wow, girlfriend, you and Ken have been busy!! I just got your wonderful invite yesterday and I love the pic of you two! I'm planning on being there in November so hold a place for me!


Jules said...

Oh, dear Anne, everything sounds so lovely and I am so happy everything is coming along so well. I've missed you madly. I know you are terribly busy but let's plan a winethirty on msn really soon.

I've saved the date!

Ruth said...

Clearly getting the marriage out of the way means you can really enjoy the whole celebration plans without the stress. Or at least your preparations sound like you are having such a wonderful time. I am looking forward to the pictures.


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