Friday, May 19, 2006

flip sides

I'm a lazy person, and I know it. As acknowledged in my previous post, I hate to exercise, and it is the last thing that I will do without incredible incentive. I mean, just look at the fact that every place I live has a fence, invisible or otherwise, so that I didn't have to worry about walking the dogs. Until now. We have the fence to install (the invisible kind), but since we moved there have been other things more pressing than getting the fence in. And besides, we DO have the alternative that the dogs can be walked!

So I have been walking them twice a day. Juliet is a long walker—she has figured out that the longer it takes her to do her business, the longer she gets to stroll (smart dog, my Juliet). Dooley dispatches with the necessities within a couple of yards, but when I take the two of them together (which doesn’t always happen) he’s along for the duration on Juliet’s terms.

It has been a beautiful spring, so walking hasn’t felt so much like a hardship. The mornings (and evenings) have been crisp and comfortable, and it has been wonderful to watch everything green up and bloom in the neighborhood. But it’s also a really nice neighborhood, with pleasant houses and yards, and I just love that when people drive by they wave to you. Plus, around one corner there is a considerable pasture, so there is a lovely expanse of landscape with a view of nearby rolling hills.

Yes, I’m a begrudging walker, but there is a flip side to this effort. And much as I will be glad to have that fence installed (and soon, I hope!), I think I might miss these necessary walks. They’re just not the same when they’re voluntary…


katie said...

But, I'll bet you have actually benefitted from those walks, if not only physically. You have gotten out and at least have a "nodding" acquaintance with many of your neighbors.

Kip said...

funny you're talking about this as it's one of my things I want to do this summer- walk Mudgy cuz God knows he needs it as much as me!! Don't forget to take your poop bag with you!


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