Monday, May 15, 2006

so long, farewell

and thanks SO much for such incredibly good television during the last seven years! (Okay, so I'm a day late posting this, but I shut down the computer last night to get it packed and we just now got home from our trip and I am unpacked! well, mostly...) It appears that the rest of the world was tuned into Survivor or Grey's Anatomy, so I may be the only person who visits here who watched the final episode of "The West Wing," but it is my absolutely all time favorite television program ever, and I wouldn't miss it. So is my mother. In fact, there's no such thing as television at the farm in South Carolina (sometimes to jerk Mom's chain I'll joke about installing a satellite dish and she simply cringes), but the family matriarch actually borrowed one so that she could watch the last episodes of HER favorite show! (You should have seen my jaw drop when I arrived at the cottage last week and saw the television, I couldn't imagine what it was doing there!) Imagine, to our horror, as we gathered around the tiny, 12" set with rabbit ears, and the program was pre-empted by weather coverage! OMG! We were so disgusted that ten minutes into the hour we called the television station to protest. They claimed they wanted their viewing audience to be safe, but frankly, the weekend crew was simply clueless! Anyway, although it wasn't the best hour of television ever written, it was a well done conclusion to this most special program. Oh, how I will miss this administration and its witty staff! But thank goodness for Bravo and reruns, and the joys of owning DVD's. ... Okay, enough of my rambling. We return you now to your regularly scheduled blogging.


Kip said...

I am probably going to watch it tonight as I tivo'd it. I also love that show and will miss it greatly!

Jules said...

I missed the last episode and am hoping they do a rerun! I miss you muchly...when is happy hour?

Sunny said...

I was watching West Wing with you. I can't believe it's over. :-(

Kip said...

well shit, went to watch it last night and I only tivo'd the first hour so now, won't get to see the last show. :((((


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