Saturday, May 20, 2006

puppy love

Okay, so Juliet's not a puppy, she's five years old, but to me, she'll always be my baby. Every now and then when I've been gone from the house, I would return to find one of my slippers somewhere in the traffic pattern from their domain in the bedroom to the front door. More often than not the slipper (sometimes a shoe) would make it more than halfway between the departure and arrival points, and it was always just one slipper. Not chewed, not soggy, just relocated. Yesterday I came home from running errands and found not only my shoe, but one of Ken's, as well, in the living room near a spot where Juliet likes to park. I had to laugh. Obviously she was missing mom and dad. Now if only she would figure out that if she brought both slippers from the bedroom I could change my shoes right inside the door!


samtzmom said...

What a sweet girl! Now I guess Ken knows he's "ok to stay" in her eyes. :c)

Kip said...

That is toooooooo funny and such a cute picture of her!!!

Jules said...

My name sake has both of you well trained.!

Whippet said...

Anne, I think you are making wonderful progress for the time you've been moved. Love the picture of your baby moving shoes. Too cute.

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