Friday, May 05, 2006


Imagine an accent on that e, in honor of Cinco de Mayo! And yes, it's now thethe day is now over, but I'm seizing the moment before going to bed to offer this report! It was a wonderful time; we had a blast planning the menu, cooking the food, and yes, even cleaning up! (OMG, what a joy to have a clean living room, though of course don't go look in the guest room which has become the new "staging area" for unpacking and trying to decide where things should go!)

Our menu started with the obligatory chips and two shades (mild and hot) of salsa, queso fundido, and of course, margaritas! For dinner we prepared quesadillas, pork taquitos, roasted corn and black bean salad, chicken mole, garlic shrimp, refried beans, yellow rice and Mexican rice, and of course there was sour cream, guacamole , cilantro and more salsa for garnish. The idea was to everyone to have a taste of each dish, more like tapas portions, than entrée portions. And it seemed to work! No dessert (except for the cookies that Debi brought to share—thanks Deb!), but who had room anyway? Except for the salsa and refried beans we made everything from scratch, and boy howdy (as we saw in the south), what a difference! Pictures show Ken preparing the queso fundido, the chicken mole (before the chocolate was added!), our “spread,” and guests when we sat down to eat. It was really a lovely time with lots of laughs.

On Saturday: round three of trying to elect a bishop. I’ll report back!


Gail said...

Hi Anne, thanks for the update. I'm glad your party went well, the food sounds wonderful. It's fun to get little glimpses of your house too. It looks gorgeous!

samtzmom said...

Boo hooo... I missed the fun and food, but it's nice to hear all about it and also know that you both were able to do something which brought you so much joy. Hope you had an extra margarita for me! Love you!

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh looks like a good time! I do hope you thought of me and the rest of the cruise crew as you sipped your margaritas! I bet it was nice to be able to entertain in your new house too.


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