Wednesday, May 31, 2006

two weeks in!

Today marks two weeks since I started to swim every day (M-F), and although the timing of getting to the pool seems to vary on a daily basis, it's definitely becoming part of my routine-in-the-making. I know I have needed to get exercise, and I definitely need to lose some weight and "tone up." This is how I plan to aid that goal! I have decided to weigh-in on the first of each month in terms of statistical tracking, so tomorrow will be d-day for that. I don't look any different (I don't think), and I can't really tell about clothes because they shrink in the wash! Anyway, this is a long term effort, and although I would love to drop ten, even five pounds in these first two weeks, I know that is not going to happen! What's important is that I finally took that first step, or lap, as the case may be. This morning I did notice improvement in my cardiovascular capabilities, so progress is definitely afoot. Three cheers!


Ruth said...

Congratulations Anne, for sticking with it and giving it a go. In the end it is not how you look that matters but how you feel and exercising daily can certainly make a girl feel great. Keep it up, stay healthy and the rest will follow.

Gail said...

Good job Anne! Glad to hear you're doing something for You. Enjoy!

samtzmom said...

You go GIRL! Really, at this point in our lives, a rock hard bod is just not what it's about, is it? Kudos to you for getting started doing something to nurture your health and well being as starting is the hardest part. Hugs!

Pam in Moncton said...

That's great Anne! Swimming is such good exercise. What I like about it is you can work really hard but not get all sweaty!


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