Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the daffodil principle

The story goes that there is a hillside out in Colorado just off the beaten path that, in the spring, is simply awash in daffodils. Tucked into the hill is a small cabin where a woman lives amidst all this splendor, and spends some of her time planting the daffodils that bring thousands of people to see them every year. When asked how she could possibly plant so many, her simple reply is "one bulb at a time."

I need to keep this principle in mind when I get overwhelmed by the tasks that still await at the house. My office. Ugh! (the picture is the living room in a former, not-so-glorious stage.) But I made good progress yesterday emptying a few boxes, sorting through contents, and at the least, making decisions about what things need to be kept and which could find their way to the great paper beyond. Separating them into proper categories and making files (and, gracious! Filing them!), can wait. I need to feel some sense of accomplishment as I go, and I need to see the number of boxes that still need attention dwindle in mass.

So, today’s ongoing effort is to tackle, “one bulb at a time,” what remains. It will take me more than today, and probably more than this week, but perhaps if I envision a hillside of daffodils as my reward I will feel inspired to persevere. Boxes? Bring ‘em on!

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Jules said...

Darlin' I love your philosophy! Am doing a bit of that myself> for the info on what you asked on my blog, come to the monkey site or e-mail the kipster! love you and miss you madly.


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