Saturday, May 13, 2006

happy birthday to me!

It's been an absolutely gorgeous day here, and we had the treat earlier today of a visit from Ken's son, daughter, and son-in-law. In addition to a birthday celebration at lunch I was gifted with a mother's day card and gift, which was quite a surprise, and very touching. It hadn't even occurred to me! (In the picture are Ken and me, Ashley and Travis with Maddie, their Yorkie, and Junior) While they were here we meandered down the road to see our neighbor's collection of animals, a highlight of which is always the camel! Meet Sally--she's really quite a love, and very affectionate.

There were also turkeys, deer, miniature horses, a kangaroo, goats, sheep, ostrich, emu, pigs, ducks, horses, cows and of course, dogs! You all know I love dogs, but I can't resist Sally.

Tonight our friends in Augusta are coming for dinner, so the party continues. Wish you all could be here to join us. I'll save you some cake from lunch, or if you prefer, we're having strawberry pie tonight. Bon Appetit!


Ruth said...

Happy Birthday to you Anne, so no card from me this year. I am just not that organised after my move but I was thinking of you yesterday and for you your birthday is for me. This global thing gives us all the longest birthdays. How lovely to get a mother's day present. You are so blessed to be loved by your new family, it is very special. Have a great time today.

samtzmom said...

So glad to hear that you had such a very wonderful day!! Seeing this photo almost made me cry... two dear friends who not only found love, but new family to share and love as well. So glad they could all be there with you to celebrate your special day. I was sending all the best wishes and love from Georgia! Love you and Happy (new) Mother's Day!

Kath said...

Sounds like your birthday was as happy as I would have wished it to be had I remembered it. Well, I remembered it LAST week, but couldn't hold the thought until yesterday. Glad you had such a great time and how sweet of the kids to give you a Mother's Day card. Hope your wonderful weekend continues today. Hugs, Kath

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh Anne! I can't believe I have missed your birthday!! I have been very remiss in checking my calendar lately. No excuse for it. I haven't moved, I haven't had any crises to speak it's only that I haven't been in my scrap room much and that's where the calendar is. Anyway, so glad to read you had a great day with all the family and so pleased that Ken's ds and dd gave you mother's day wishes! How sweet is that? What a wonderful picture of all of you together. Happy birthday dear Anne and lots of love from me here in NB.

Kip said...

Can't believe you have a camel nearby!!!!!! How cool!


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