Monday, May 22, 2006

word for the day: wet!

Let's just say it's been a wet weekend! We had some decent weather, but water was everywhere yesterday when the hot water heater decided to give up the ghost. Thank goodness I caught it about as early as was possible. I had taken the dogs out for a walk, and it was on our return that water greeted us inside the garage door. It had been dry when we left a mere 15 minutes before. I was able to turn the water off, but damage had still been done, most directly to the rug that is on the floor in the area that serves as Ken's office! We are now the proud owners of a brand new water heater and a still-damp carpet, but the crisis was contained, fortunately. What remains to be seen is whether or not our home warranty will cover the cost, since I couldn’t locate the paperwork about that to call them and receive instructions! The plumber thought we might have a problem since I didn’t call them first. We’ll see.

The bad news/good news part of this is that I had to stay home to await the plumber, and therefore didn’t get to church. No paycheck for that day. But I did have unexpected hours available to me to get some things done, and I made good progress on a number of projects. I am feeling a little less overwhelmed by what remains to be done, and that, as Martha would say, is a GOOD thing!

We still have water this morning in the form of rain, so it was a short walk for the dogs! We didn’t get as far as the mailbox at the end of the street where this lovely rose is blooming, but at least I have a picture of it to look at and to share with you. Other water in the forecast is the local pool, where I will go shortly to continue my efforts at exercise. I’m two for two at the moment, woohooo!!!

Stay comfy and dry!

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samtzmom said...

What a lovely pink rose! :c) Here's hoping this water heater has so much life left in it that you'll not have to replace it again. Hugs to you...

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