Saturday, June 03, 2006

finding normal

A routine is finally beginning to emerge here, though there are no time parameters to settle it exactly. For now, that's okay! Morning coffee, walk the dogs, head to the pool, come back and tackle the daily sudoku in the paper and get on with the day. The sudoku sometimes gets bumped to a point later in the day, but one way or another I find that page in the newspaper! Activity within the day is still pretty much focused on this business of settling in. The biggest challenge is the lack of storage to have a place to put things. Thank goodness we have two huge utility shelves that are in the "utility room" section of the garage. We're trying not to dump everything there, and I'm getting much better at just throwing things away (or recycling, when possible). It really is possible to live with less, and I am even parting with books! The accompanying picture this morning doesn't really have a good "before" to show you, but let's just say that there really wasn't anything in this part of the room before. But this is where we have our "still" time. Coffee, sudoku, happy hour, reading, or just conversation. It's about taking time out, and it certainly helps me feel normal! Disregard the electrical cord across the rug--at the moment it is functional, not decorative!

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samtzmom said...

OH, I love what you've done with this space! A great way to make an intimate nook for the two of you. Your creativity inspires me friend. Hugs!


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