Saturday, June 17, 2006

a new route

Since I don’t swim on the weekends I like to take a longer route when I walk the dogs, to try to keep up, to some degree, the pace of exercise (yes, it’s true, this is really Anne saying this, not an imposter!). This morning I was up early enough to get out before the sun was too high, and the heat of the day was low. It was a pleasant morning, with a light breeze, so I decided to seize these optimal conditions and extend our route. We detoured down a street I hadn’t yet traveled, around a new block. One of the things I love about the area where we live is that it developed over a period of years, so it has a variety of architecture, and a combination of old, wooded lots and new, converted pasturelands where the lots are open, spacious and “young” in their landscaping. I love seeing what people do with their landscaping.

There was one house that we discovered today that, when I saw it, made me think I’d been transported back to New England. Although the house isn’t “old,” certainly not by New England standards, it is colonial in style, and the lot is wooded and has the feel of longevity to it. It is nicely kept, and the house appears happy.

As we continued our journey of discovery (new scents for the dogs, remember), I was grateful for the change of scenery. New things always have the capacity to open our minds along with our views, and I got to thinking about possibilities. At the moment we face the very real challenges of being newly married, relocated, and working to establish new businesses. The challenges are demanding and stressful, even as they contain the seeds of great things to come. In the face of our reality I am striving not to be overcome by what isn’t, but to hold in my hand, at least periodically, the joy of what is. Those moments don’t erase the difficulties, but they at least offer some grounding to offset those times that feel uncertain, and even frightening. They are touchstones of hope, and glimpses of serenity that I pray will become more frequent as we root ourselves in this life we are making.

This morning I am grateful for an early rising and the opportunity to see new things, feel old connections, and anticipate a future.


Lighthouses said...

Thank you for your thoughts and words this morning... I needed them!


Kip said...

Yes, you both have many new ventures to tackle and before you know it, it will all seem old hat, seamless and comfortable and well worth the struggle.


We missed you this weekend!

samtzmom said...

Yes indeed... our fear which focuses on everything that's "not" can certainly keep us from seeing (or even wanting to see) the new views available to us. Glad you veered off your normal path... I am inspired as I too face the fear of moving forward. Love to you...

Jules said...

Good morning darling Anne. I found myself walking with you on your journey, seeing what you saw through your eyes and exquisite writing...thank you. And I MISS YOU!

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