Sunday, June 04, 2006

kiwi time

No, this doesn't mean that the fruit is ripe for consumption, though it may well be! It just so happens that I have an extra clock that didn't really have a home in my new abode. It's a cute little clock, so it occurred to me that I could set it to New Zealand time, and that way I wouldn't constantly be trying to do the math trying to figure out when my kiwi friend, Clare, might be within reach of her computer for a wee chat. So, Clare, this is for you! The clock sits up on a shelf by my desk, and as I type this it's nearing time for you to be getting up and enjoying your day off to celebrate HRH Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Shall we all sing a round to Lilibet? I happen to have a postcard of her handy, and I could prop it up here on the desk to pay her homage. Better yet...


madcow said...

I laughed so much when I saw this I woke up Joe!! Just further proof in his eyes that both his mother & her friends are INSANE! LOL I ADORE IT!!
(Did you know I use the clock on Kips site for the very same reason?? LOL)
I have my pink fluffy tiara on(with my jamies) as I'm sure Lizzie does and am looking forward to my gin & cucumber sammies later in the day. Happy birthday Lizzie! Hope the kids bought you something nice! love you Anne!

Pam in Moncton said...

So why don't we have a birthday holiday in Canada for dear Liz? Because we are still fixed on Victoria! The May 24th weekend is Victoria Day and that's that! Oh well! Good idea to have the clock Anne! The Kiwis and Aussies always confuse me too. By the way sorry about your thumb. I did that about 23 years ago and it still acts up sometimes. I know when I did it because I was pregnant with Nicole and we were visiting my mother in Montreal and Nicole is now 22 years old. I hope it will get better soon. Mine was good for a long time afterwards but every once in a while it acts up. Then it hurts to do things like lift the wet clothes out of the wash. I sort of re-injured it much in the way you did, walking a dog, a few years ago. Darn Nicky wanted to go see another dog!


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