Wednesday, June 14, 2006

speaking of splash...

When I started swimming I alternated my attire between two suits, allowing each one sufficient time to dry hanging in the laundry area. I also hung my goggles, cap, and washrag in the same place so they could dry, as well as be easy to find each morning when I packed my bag to go to the pool.

Problem was, damp suits and dripping accessories were hanging next to clean laundry as I hung those items on the same pole. At the same time, I needed a place to stash all of my bathing suits (I seem to have acquired a few over the years…). Look what I found in our collection of items for a yard sale! It is the perfect solution for hanging all the suits, including the damp ones, as well as the other paraphernalia. When I take my towel out of the dryer, I fold it and place if there with my collection, and I'm all set and ready to go the next morning. Voila!

I also want to add a brief clarifier about the previous post. I wasn’t lamenting the frequency of comments (I do, occasionally, lament that, but I’ve pretty much gotten over that syndrome!), just the lack of perceived interest in the blog. I’m not planning to quit, I was just feeling a bit isolated from humanity in general, and some friends in particular. I appreciate very much what was written by those who left comments. I love you too!

Back to work—the website is finally getting attention!!


Kellee said...

Hi Anne...
I've been out of touch with so much and so many lately, I've learned it's my best coping mechanism, sadly. I enjoy peering into your life and catching up on the beauty in your world.

Ruth said...

Hi Anne, you gotta know I come by your blog a lot, dont always post but must keep up with your happenings. And I know from time to time you come by mine for exactly the same reason. Most of all I love your pictures - you take great pics. Now about these bathing suits, just how many do you have?

Ruth said...

i tried to post, i lost it into cyber space. it was really nice too and of course long! LOL.

Love seeing what you are up to by way of blogs and I know you pop by mine for same reason when you can. Just love you Anne.

Now about these bathing suits, how many do you have?

Ruth said...


Pam in Moncton said...

Good way to take care of those suits!

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